Lugar de encuentro/Place of gathering:                          CEAM VIÉRNOLES











This year, we have changed the place of gathering to be CEAM Viérnoles.

Este año hemos cambiado el lugar del encuentro a CEAM Viérnoles




CEAM Viérnoles (Centro de Educación Medioambiental)

Pº de Fernandez Vallejo 13, 39315, Viernoles


Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/ypXJVSnXBUo


Para llegar/how to get there

Por coche / By car 

Por coche son 24 minutos desde Santander.

Sugerimos seguir las indicaciones de google map al lugar de encuentro:

By Car, the travel time from Santander is 24 minutes.

We recommend you to follow the instructions of google map to:




Para más info, aclaraciones y ayudar escribir a

For more info, ask for: Contactimprocantabria@gmail.com

Getting to Santander


Cross the border at Irún-Hendaya, taking the National Road 634, or the toll motorway A-8 to Bilbao, and then following directions for Santander.



There are buses from the French border linking Irún with Santander several times a day. This is the easiest route for those who reach Hendaya by train. There are also buses that operate the routes to Paris, Brussels, London, Zurich and Geneva.

Santander Bus Station


Web: http://www.santandereabus.com



Santander airport, 5 kms to the city centre, has flight connection with Barcelona, Madrid, Gran Canaria, Seville, Valencia, Málaga, Alicante, Palma de Mallorca, London (Standsted) Rome (Ciampino), Frankfurt (Hahn) and Liverpool. There is a permanent bus service which connects with city centre every 30 min and costs  1.5 Euros.


Bilbao Airport, about 120 kms from Santander, operates international flights to and from main European capitals. There are buses and trains to and from Bilbao Airport to Santander.



Santander has two railway stations 

RENFE Railway Station connects Santander with Madrid and other places in Spain. 

Web: http://www.renfe.es


FEVE Railway Station joins the regions in the North of Spain

Web: http://www.feve.es




Donde Dormir/Where to sleep

Este año,tenemos la posibilidad de dormir en nuestras instalaciones. Plazas limitadas

Os recomendamos abajo opciones para buscar alojamiento. 

This year we can sleep in the instalations nearby. yuhu! Spots limited.

So we recommend below options to find housing options.




Puedes dormir en nuestras instalaciones provistas por CEAM Viernoles de 28 Junio a 1 Julio.

You can sleep in our instalations provided by CEAM Viernoles from 28th June to 1st July.

Escribe/write to: contactimprocantabria@gmail.com


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